Gelber Muskateller

Presents traditional lore as wisdom: Mitzi. Weather lore – immortalised on the bottle label every year – happened exactly as predicted for each vintage. For example, “If Epiphany is bright and clear, wine will be good in this new year”. It is good to know one can rely on it, even if it may not appear that way at the beginning of the year. Naturally, it is equally good for the taste of our Gelber Muskateller.

The wheel of the year has turned

With the Mitzi bottle label, we would like to illustrate how the interplay between human and nature becomes one: wine.


The outer ring represents consistency. It shows the activities of the winegrowers throughout the course of the year which reliably recur every year, such as pruning and pressing. Not to worry, repetition does not bore us.


Weather lore is based on observations of nature and can therefore provide information about the expected harvest related to the respective weather. Something we experience every year anew. The middle ring shows weather lore which has proven to be true.


The label’s centre is based on the hundred-year calendar, which makes predictions for every seven years. Each year is assigned to a celestial body which, in turn, symbolises a special property. In our founding year 2018, it was the independence of Venus.

Recurring viticultural activities

The seven-year cycle of the Hundred Years Calendar

We watch weather lore year-round anew and, in the end, we know it’s true.

We enjoy spending time with the whole family. We cook and eat together and – naturally – also enjoy drinking a glass of wine together. For a while that was our Jakobi, of which we have still not had enough. But as the saying goes, variety is the sweetness of life. In our case, the variety was a fresh and fruity Gelber Muskateller, representing the South Styrian joie de vivre. Most likely the reason hardly anyone would refuse to dance with Mitzi. That was also the case with our grandmother Mitzi, who was the namesake for this wine for good reason.

Not only the wine, but also its bottle label is distinct. In translating the three circles, one understands what it is that makes Mitzi so special. The work of winegrowers much depends on the weather which, in turn, can be predicted by weather lore and the hundred-year calendar. The label therefore bears witness to the consistency of the winemaker’s labour and the independence each vintage drinks. Oops: brings. Not merely with its name, our Gelber Muskateller above all else pays homage to our grandmother Maria, whom everyone lovingly called Mitzi. Her life experience and joie de vivre was truly inspiring and contributed to the fact that we no longer spoon feed knowledge – we drink it in glasses. Let’s toast to that!

Mitzi is our Gelber Muskateller. Full of vim and vigour, it reflects pure South Styrian joie de vivre.

Mitzi always makes for a good time. As aperitif or sundowner. Goes wonderfully with tapas, finger food, tomato bruschetta, asparagus quiche or char.

Our typical Styrian Gelber Muskateller pays homage to our grandmother Maria, whom everyone lovingly called Mitzi. To us, she exemplified consistency, imparted her experiences and confidently maintained her independence. Granny familiarised us with the tried-and-tested craft of winemaking as well as the traditional wisdom gained from the old farmer’s almanac. She showed us that work can be fun.


Jakobi is a genuine South Styrian. A Sauvignon Blanc which can only be found here. Spicy and elegant. Year in, year out.


Mitzi is our Gelber Muskateller. Full of vim and vigour, it reflects pure South Styrian joie de vivre.

Fortuna Minor

Discovering our Pet Nat is always a lucky find as there are reasons abound to celebrate life’s effervescence.


Flein is single-variety grape juice of the highest quality. Both quality and grape variety are reflected in its very palatable taste.

Gute Neuigkeiten

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