Flein sortenreiner Traubensaft

Feeling f(l)ine forever. Our grape juices are a real alternative to wine. They are 100 per cent pure and natural. With berries that are pressed and pasteurised incredibly gently, allowing us to wholly capture their flavour. To fully enjoy Flein’s bouquet, we recommend drinking it pure and chilled and from a wine glass. Go for the big one! After all, with Flein you can easily have one over the eight(h). Disclaimer of drinkability: our juices from Schilcher, Sauvignon Blanc and Gelber Muskateller are single-variety, whereas several grape varieties do Flein Fizz the honour.

No juice like any other.

Flein comes from vineyards that are specifically cultivated for our juices. In those ‘Flein gardens’, we carefully tend to the vines by hand and rely on our dexterity when picking the berries. We then very gently press the harvested grapes – as it is done with champagne. Oh là là! The latest technologies help us to pasteurise the juice correspondingly in the gentlest of manners. This brings out the typical taste of each variety. Fresh, elegant and with lively acidity. What is more, this uncompromising production distinguishes Flein from other grape juices. Flein is without artificial additives and without alcohol. Without a doubt.

Flein garden

We only cultivate grape varieties that are typical of the wine region of the respective producer – in select vineyards. We apply organic-farming techniques and moreover focus on harvest reduction. We are particularly specific when it comes to choosing the right plot of land and the right time of harvest, which all benefits preserving freshness and acidity

Hand on heart

…and vine. Every manoeuvre required on the vine itself is done by hand – from pruning to harvest. This means each and every vine is handled up to nine times per year. In sum, quite a lot. It would not work any other way, as our vines grow on steep slopes. All the better for Flein, as this hand-in-glove interaction ensures the highest quality.

Grape juice
in f(l)ine design.

Better half

Flein and champagne have something in common and by this we do not necessarily mean that both can be used to toast equally well. What we mean is that we do not press the grapes in their entirety but only 55 per cent to preserve the typical taste of each variety. As we see it, or rather taste, omitting bitter substances and immature nuances is a perquisite. This way, we only cultivate the best part of every berry for Flein.


An innovative product such as Flein also needs innovative technologies. Consequently, we utilise a novel pasteurisation process which uses less heat. The juice is filled when cold, very briefly heated and quickly cooled again. This allows us to preserve the variety-specific flavours of Flein even better.

Natural product

Flein is natural and without any artificial additives. (By the way, this is warranted by residue analyses.) This makes our juices genuinely delectable. Plus, they are vegan as well. This also applies to Flein Fizz, bubbling with excitement at every party. We do add carbon dioxide as otherwise it would be a flat contradiction to our effervescing promise.

Sweet and sour

The fruit of our labour is a lean, elegant juice with just the perfect amount of acidity. A real treat, full of flavour and free of alcohol. Flein can therefore be enjoyed by everyone at any time and any age. But best together. By the way, true connoisseurs drink Flein pure, chilled and from a wine glass.

Ein Glas Flein ist 100 % Handlese, naturbelassen, ohne künstliche Zusätze und ohne Alkohol.

Flein erfordert übrigens ganz schöne Fingerfertigkeit. Denn alles, was für unsere Säfte direkt am Rebstock gemacht werden muss, machen wir von Hand.

Die richtige Wahl der Parzelle und des Erntezeitpunkts ist wichtig, um die Frische und Säure zu bewahren.

Friends of Flein.

Flein is larger than our large family. On the one hand, because Veronika – our sister or sister-in-law, respectively – is the creative mind behind Flein as well as its co-founder. On the other hand, there are friends of ours who also happen to be winemakers. They too are part of the Flein family: Cantina Kurtatsch in Alto Adige (South Tyrol, Italy) as well as Weingut Schmidt at Lake Constance (Germany). Both produce Flein from grape varieties typical of their respective region – and by applying the same procedures as Gross & Gross.

Auf einem Blick: Die Friends of Flein. Sie verbindet Freundschaft, Qualitätsanspruch und die Liebe zum Arbeiten mit der Traube.


Jakobi ist ein echter Südsteirer. Ein Sauvignon Blanc, wie es ihn nur hier gibt. Würzigelegant. Und das jahrwein, jahraus.


Mitzi ist unser leichtfüßiger Gelber Muskateller, der für die südsteirische Lebensfreude steht. 

Fortuna Minor

Wer sich ein Glas unseres Pet Nat schnappt, hat stets ein glückliches Händchen. Weil man immer etwas zum Anstoßen hat.


Flein ist sortenreiner Traubensaft höchster Güte. Das, oder besser die Rebsorte, schmeckt man auch.

Gute Neuigkeiten

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