Brothers and
sisters in wine

Two vintner brothers marry two sisters. They live and work together for a whole decade before they decide to tread new paths. Friendship and family ties remain – much like the wish for joint projects that they now implement under the label Gross & Gross.

Gross & Gross, a cooperation
between Vino Gross and Weingut Gross

Gross & Gross stands for the cooperation between Martina & Johannes (Weingut Gross) and Maria & Michael (Vino Gross) regarding their joint projects. They love spending time together and, as siblings, know all about the strengths and sensitivities of their counterparts. They capitalize on mutual inspiration – and their team spirit and motivation sometimes exceed their own expectations.

In this constellation, Maria, Martina, Michael and Johannes play out all their nerve and courage. Gross & Gross is their playground for new ideas, cross-lateral thinking and stepping into the unknown. All their products are high-end but easily accessible to wine lovers, sometimes answering contemporary trends or even one step ahead of them.

A glass of Gross & Gross stands for a zest for life and for freedom – highly appreciated by wine lovers, both current and aspiring ones.


Sauvignon Blanc

the Sauvignon Blanc with the Old Farmer’s Calendar.


Gelber Muskateller

a Gelber Muskateller in memory of our grandma


A little piece of happiness

Our little piece of happiness, Pet Nat à la Gross & Gross

Who we are?

Two sisters. Two brothers. Two couples. Gross & Gross combines both the tradition and renown of Weingut Gross in Südsteiermark and an unbiased fresh start of Vino Gross in Štajerska Slovenija.


“We often see that a flash of inspiration in one of us sparks ideas in the head of the others. Rather than falling into oblivion they often lead to a common project. This cooperation allows for free play, careful consideration and, thanks to the dynamism of our group of four, an increased momentum.”

Gross & Gross



All Gross & Gross wines are available at ex-winery prices from the Online-Shop of Weingut Gross. Free shipping within Austria for orders reaching, or exceeding, a total order value of 99 euros.


Ex winery

You may sample and purchase Gross&Gross wines at Weingut Gross in Ratsch during ex-winery opening hours. Enjoy the wonderful view!



Weingut Gross, +43 3453 2527
Vino Gross, +43 664 820 61 79 
Gross & Gross, +43 664 145 03 00