Gross & Gross, the cooperation ­between two sibling duos & married couples.

The winemaking brothers Johannes and Michael Gross once married the two sisters Martina and Maria. The four together now stand for the label Gross & Gross.

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Johannes and Martina as well as Michael and Maria have been living and working together for a decade. The starting point for this journey was Weingut Gross that the brothers took over from their parents in 2006. At that time, the Gross family had been active in viticulture for over 100 years and it was now the turn of the “youngsters” to preserve the reputation gained by the parents and to uphold the tradition in their own way.
Tirelessly and with their own drive, the four have since kept going strong: international distinctions and listings with top restaurants are the reward of a natural viticulture and the expansion of ex-winery sales.

The foundations for the next big step forward were laid by father Alois who purchased a house and vineyard in Štajerska Slovenija in 2005. The brothers Johannes and Michael soon became aware of the potential the Haloze wine-growing region had to offer, and more vineyards were added in 2008. Especially Maria and Michael connected emotionally with this region, exploring its beauty and potential, and soon starting to build up their own product range. When adjacent vineyards were up for sale, they immediately seized the opportunity and once more enlarged their area under vines.

The best of three worlds: the traditional Weingut Gross now led by Martina & Johannes Gross, the wild and romantic Slovenian Vino Gross of Maria & Michael Gross, and the joint cooperation project of these two families under the label Gross & Gross.

It was the wish for more individuality and space for their families, work, and development that made the siblings tread new paths in 2018: Weingut Gross in Südsteiermark is now run by Martina and Johannes. They continue to focus on handcrafted wines and will keep chiselling the wine style of their house, which stands for refined and subtle wines that keep getting better with age. Maria and Michael have once and for all opted for the steep terraced vineyards of Štajerska Slovenija where they foster the development of Vino Gross.

Their strong family ties sparked the inspiration and wish to continue implementing joint projects also in the future. This is what Maria, Martina, Johannes and Michael endeavour to achieve with their joint venture Gross & Gross. Jakobi, everybody’s darling, and Mitzi, first presented in the vintage 2018, were the first labels in their starting line-up. Other projects have come up since or are still in the pipeline.


Sauvignon Blanc

the Sauvignon Blanc with the Old Farmer’s Calendar


Gelber Muskateller

a Gelber Muskateller in memory of our grandma


A little piece of happiness

Our little piece of happiness, Pet Nat à la Gross & Gross

Vino gross

Maria and Michael Gross

Maria and Michael Gross are both the heart and soul of Vino Gross. They fell in love with the steep hills of the ancient winemaking village of Gorca and the wild and romantic landscape of Štajerska Slovenija. Year after year they tended the terraced vineyards by hand, experimented in the cellar, and found the capacity for really great wines. In 2018 they ventured to withdraw from Weingut Gross in order to fully focus on their new mission in life: the development of Vino Gross. 

Time, harmony and origin

In their small winery, Maria and Michael now put their faith in natural, traditional methods. Their wines are based on spontaneous fermentation – no artificial yeasts are added – and matured in wooden casks for an extended period of time. They bottle harmonious wines that are unfiltered and unfined.

The varietals Furmint, Sauvignon Blanc, and Laški Rizling are rooted in arid, limey soils. Even though the climate as influenced by the Alps and the Adriatic Sea is rather harsh and unpredictable, Maria and Michael have opted for organic vineyard cultivation.


No matter where our life and business are based: we love spending time together, have a lot of fun and keep inspiring each other. These get-togethers provide the impetus for joint projects.

Maria and Michael on the cooperation with their siblings

Weingut gross

Martina and Johannes Gross

Martina and Johannes Gross live and work amidst the steep hills of Südsteiermark, on the slopes of Ried Nussberg. The two consider their vineyards as their gardens. They love to practice their craft on the steep-sloped vine-clad sites where they fathom the needs of their plants and motivate them to yield optimum performance. At the top of the Gross assortment are the wines from the Nussberg site and those from Ried Sulz, Ried Perz and Ried Kittenberg.

Intensive manual work on the best sites

Steep hills, a great variety of soils and a climate marked by Alpine and maritime influences all offer ideal conditions for a wide range of white varietals. Based on hard manual work, Martina and Johannes try to express the special features of each vineyard, variety and vintage.

Here at Weingut Gross, wine knowledge has been passed down from one generation to the next since 1907. Johannes grew up on the Nussberg and knows the site truly by heart. In 2006 he followed in the footsteps of his father Alois in the cellar and has marked the style of Weingut Gross ever since. At this point, Martina moved from the upper Mur valley down to the south of Styria. Trained as a school teacher, in the field of alternative healing methods and in organic winegrowing, she keeps introducing new approaches and ideas.


The products by Gross & Gross are meant to be fun. We like to encourage each other to come up with new ideas: cross-lateral thinking desired, experimenting permitted!

Martina and Johannes’ view on the cooperation with their siblings



All Gross & Gross wines are available at ex-winery prices from the Online-Shop of Weingut Gross. Free shipping within Austria for orders reaching, or exceeding, a total order value of 99 euros.


Ex winery

You may sample and purchase Gross&Gross wines at Weingut Gross in Ratsch during ex-winery opening hours. Enjoy the wonderful view!



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