Gelber Muskateller


Mitzi is a Gelber Muskateller so typical of Südsteiermark and was the byname of our grandma Maria.

Grandma was our role model for what the annual cycle on the label is meant to symbolize: endurance for the ever-recurring activities in the vineyard; experience for handed-down country lore; and character that the wine owes to its vintage.

The fresh and fruity Mitzi wine is best enjoyed with light antipasti such as graved trout, red beet with cottage cheese or saffron risotto. This Gelber Muskateller also gets the spirits high when drunk as an aperitif or sundowner.


Mitzi, a light-hearted Gelber Muskateller, stands for sheer drinking pleasure. Its characteristic bouquet and animating acidity make it the ideal candidate for a wine to be enjoyed on a sunny terrace.

Thomas Schabl,
certified sommelier

Up for a dance with Mitzi?

“Epiphany bright and clear gives good wine in the new year.” Many a country saying is the fruit of long-standing observations in a nutshell. These sayings are found on the Mitzi label.

Mitzi & the four seasons

Mitzi’s label represents the interplay of Man and Nature:

The outer ring shows the ever-recurring activities in the vineyard throughout the cycle of the four seasons, from pruning to the actual winemaking process. It stands for endurance.

Age-old country sayings often portend crucial weather phenomena and the upcoming harvest. The inner ring thus describes important events in the vintage that actually happened as predicted by these sayings. They are based on experience.

The centre of the label is focused on the Hundred Years Calendar. It contains predictions for every seven years, allocating each of these years to a particular celestial body. 2018 was ruled by the planet Venus. As the representative of the vintage, Venus stands for autonomy and character.

Recurring viticultural activities

The seven-year cycle of the Hundred Years Calendar


We gave the typical Styrian Gelber Muskateller the byname of our grandma Maria. She was the living model of endurance, she shared her experience with us and maintained her autonomy with great sovereignty. Grandma made us familiar with proven and tested viticultural craftsmanship and wisdoms from old country lore. She showed us that work can give you great joy.

Gross & Gross

The making
of Mitzi

When the hard work in the vineyard is done and the sun sinks below the deep red horizon, then a glass of Gelber Muskateller in the company of your loved ones can inspire you with the most spirited ideas.

We at Weingut Gross love to cook, eat and talk together. This intense togetherness is a pleasure for all of us. Leisure and work become one in our talk. In this way, a lustful discussion about critical days and country lore from which grandma liked to derive her predictions for the upcoming harvest may turn into a new label for a Gelber Muskateller wine.

From Jakobi to Mitzi

“Jakobi Sauvignon Blanc” was born in 2011. It was followed by some eventful years where weddings took place, children were born and new paths in life begun. All these years Michael kept on and on at the family about a counterpart for Jakobi: a fresh and fruity Gelber Muskateller. The family council finally answered his wish.

The Hundred Years Calendar as a basis

Mitzi was intended to carry a colourful and highly symbolic label. Starting from ancient country lore, the two couples landed with the Hundred Years Calendar which, in a seven-year cycle, includes predictions for every vintage.

As the ever-recurring activities of viticulture represent the link between the country sayings and the Hundred Years Calendar, they inspired the three levels of the Mitzi label: all agricultural tasks depend on prevailing weather conditions, which are in turn predicted by the country sayings and the Hundred Years Calendar.


Activities and country lore throughout the four seasons

A truly convivial evening led to the solution of a circle on the label. So a calendar in the form of the annual cycle was created to depict all three levels:

the outer ring of the seasonal cycle includes recurring activities that put the endurance of the winemaker to a test: pruning, canopy work or harvest. Country sayings that have proven correct for the vintage were selected and placed into another ring. They are based on long-standing experience.

The vintage at the centre

For the innermost ring, the family members chose a depiction of the vintage, which is based on the Hundred Years Calendar. Celestial bodies such as Venus, Mercure, the Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and the Sun symbolize the vintage whose conditions among other things are responsible for the character of a wine.

Last but not least, Mitzi was made in homage to our grandma Maria Gross who passed away in 2019. Her wisdom and vitality will always remain in our hearts and minds. The wine is filled with positive memories, sun-blessed Gelber Muskateller grapes and the enjoyment of family team work.



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